Twelve "DON'TS" for conductors by Pierre Monteux

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Twelve "DON'TS" for conductors by Pierre Monteux

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:06 am

Don't over conduct. Don't make unnecessary movements or gestures.

Don't fail to make music. Don't allow the music to stagnate. Don't neglect any phrase or overlook its integral part in the complete work.

Don't adhere pedanticallu to metronomic time. Vary the tempo according to the subject or phrase and give each its own character.

Don't permit the orchestra to play always a boring mezzo-forte.

Don't conduct without a baton. Don't bend over while condecting.

Don't conduct solo instruments in solo passages. Don't worry or annoy sections or players by looking intently at them in difficult passages.

Don't forget to cue players or sections who have had long rests, even though the part is seemingly an unimportant one.

Don't come before the orchestra if you have not mastered the score. Don't practice or learn your scores on the orchestra.

Don't stop the orchestra if you have nothing to say. Don't speak too softly or only to the first srands.

Don't stop for obviously accidental wrongs notes.

Don't sacrifice ensemble in an effort for meticulous beating. Dont hold sections back in technical passages where the urge comes to go forward.

Don't be disrespectful to your players. Don't forget individual rights as a person. Don't undervalue the members of the orchestra simply because they are "cogs" in larger "wheels".

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